A very successful Cross Country ski program for kids of all ages, the Jackrabbits and Bunnyrabbits system is a nation-wide program which actually started right here in Winnipeg.

Parents and children participate together in varied activities, games, and relays designed to teach ski technique, while having a great deal of fun, and developing a love of the sport. We typically accept kids into the program at or above six years of age.

We start at 10:30 AM on Saturdays and wrap up by approximately noon, depending on weather and conditions.

Registration: Participants pay $75 (prior to Dec 1) $105 (after)each plus a general membership fee (one per family). Registration is online and takes place before January 1st.

Watch the Jackrabbit video.

The Jackrabbits name has its heritage in a famous Canadian skier ‘Jackrabbit Johannsen’ who inspired many young skiers and remained an active skier himself and a tireless promoter of the sport.

Herman “Jackrabbit” Smith-JohannsenCM (June 15, 1875 – January 5, 1987) was a Norwegian-Canadian supercentenarian who gained widespread recognition for being one of the first people to introduce the sport of cross-country skiing to Canada and North America. He is recognized by certain groups within the cross-country skiing community in Canada for the many contributions he made to the sport and for his personal longevity. (Wikipedia)